Our Muay Thai gym has all of the training equipment expected from a top class Thai boxing facility. All of our heavy bags and other work stations are made by premium brands such as Twins, Fairtex and Raja. In 2016 we have extended the gym to allow for a larger technical training area and have created a larger fitness studio for strength and conditioning training. A high traditional Thai- style roof covers a 2 large 6x6m rings and an expansive matted training area. This allows for cool sea and mountain breezes to pass through the gym during training. Our onsite shop also stocks a range of equipment and a variety of Muay Thai shorts, training T-shirts and vests.
In the gym we are always looking to improve the facilities. At the beginning of 2015 we built our new open-air strength and conditioning studio which has been very popular with students. This has now been extended to allow our onsite PT instructor Jinks to run his classes. 
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First Class Facilities

Within our Muay Thai gym and alongside our boxing rings there are over 20 work-stations on which to develop and polish your Muay Thai technique. We have a wide selection of heavy bags in various sizes/weights and several punching blocks. We also have gloves and hand wraps which can be borrowed free of charge. The gym has a massive mirrored floor space so there is plenty of space for stretching, shadow boxing and technical sparring. We also provide shin guards, head guards and other protective equipment to our Muay Thai students when they are needed.

In our strength and conditioning studio you will find a multitude of cross fit equipment and weights. We have a multi-gym, a variety of kettle bells and free weights, work-out benches, abdominal rollers, medicine balls, several TRX, sets of gymnastic rings, resistance bands, chin-up bars and dip bars. Here at Diamond we also take both safety and hygiene seriously. The gym, all of the public areas and toilet blocks are disinfected at least every day. Other camp facilities include our accommodation where students can train and stay, onsite massage room, communal 'chill-out' areas and a camp bar/restaurant.