At Diamond Muay Thai, every student receives guaranteed one-on-one time with our Muay Thai trainers. The number of students training is limited to ensure that there is always a good trainer-to-student ratio and that nobody is overlooked. Our Thai boxing trainers keep a constant eye on our students throughout each training session, offering tips, individual advice and encouragement. At Diamond our trainers are truly passionate about Muay Thai and we always deliver authentic Thai boxing training to the highest standard. The Diamond Muay Thai camp on Koh Phangan is a great choice for students looking for an authentic Thai boxing training experience in an enjoyable environment. At Diamond the morning session starts at 8am and the afternoon session starts at 4pm and all lessons last for around 2 hours. All students are trained according to their fitness and skill levels- with advanced Nak Muay and students training to fight receiving more conditioning drills and extra clinch practice.

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Our Thai boxing camp caters for all levels of Muay Thai students. Some are beginners looking to improve their fitness, and often people choose to train with us to add an extra dimension to their stay on Koh Phangan. Advanced students/ fighters looking to step into the ring select Diamond Muay Thai for our outstanding technical training and pre-fight preparation. Every Muay Thai student has different training goals and from your first day at the gym our large, dedicated team of trainers will help you to work towards these goals.

Beginners will be coached at a gentle pace to savour the enjoyable atmosphere in the Diamond Muay Thai camp and the satisfaction of mastering the basic Thai boxing techniques. You will start by learning the Muay Thai stance and how to correctly throw punches, kicks, knees and elbows. Our students improve quickly and after a short time you will start to learn basic combinations and the art of ‘clinching’ - the Thai boxing form of grappling.
Advanced Thai boxing students will be trained hard with a strong focus on developing a proficient and polished technique. Students looking to fight will be pushed beyond their comfort zone to develop the outstanding cardiovascular levels, the explosiveness and the technical Muay Thai skills needed to step into the ring. Sparring and conditioning drills with our fight-team will guarantee a rapid improvement in your Muay Thai technique.
At Diamond we actively encourage light sparring between students. Boxing sparring and sparring with shin-guards is essential in recreating fight scenarios and all sparring sessions take place under our trainers’ supervision. Students are selected to fight for Diamond Muay Thai only when they have fine-tuned their Muay Thai technique and reached the required levels of strength and fitness to succeed in the ring.