The Diamond Muay Thai camp is located on Koh Phangan, a stunning island in the Gulf of Thailand. Diamond is situated away from busy roads in a quiet and undeveloped area where you can train and stay amongst Koh Phangan’s awesome jungle and mountain views. Our Muay Thai camp is just 2 minutes walk from the beach in Nai Wok (the west coast of Koh Phangan) and only a short walk from a nature reserve with scenic views. Thong Sala, the main town on the island is just a 5 minute walk away - and there you will find all of the amenities that you’ll need- from banks and restaurants, to cheap night-markets and food stalls. The Diamond Muay Thai camp is a quiet and peaceful place outside of training times, and is the perfect place to relax between training sessions. Our Muay Thai camp houses our ‘train and stay’ students and amongst their bungalows and apartments are several ‘chill out’ areas and hammocks. If you are not exploring the many local beaches and attractions of Koh Phangan, many students spend time with our trainers, watch movies or are welcome fall asleep in the ring! We hold twice weekly ‘Meat Feast’ BBQs as the sun sets over a mountain backdrop and we organise other group activities such as runs, hikes and swims nearby.