Fitness & Yoga

Diamond now offers daily fitness classes and yoga at Diamond to compliment our Muay Thai training training program. These classes are FREE to all train and stay students and only 200 baht for walk- in customers. All of our students are pushed hard during Muay Thai sessions and we feel that the addition of both Yoga and fitness classes is ideal. Students training to fight and seeking extra conditioning will be blasted during one of Jinks’ strength and conditioning classes. Jinks is a qualified PT instructor who varies his classes to include a mix of cross training, TRX training, kettle bell classes and HIT work outs. Students looking to take a Muay Thai session off due to achy muscles are welcome to improve their core strength and flexility with Paula. There are lots of benefits linked to both of these classes- at Diamond you can train both your body and mind!
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Train your body & mind

Our new schedule of fitness classes and Yoga has been a big hit. Fitness classes last 1.5 hrs and all students are guaranteed an intense work out as Jinks pushes everyone to their limits. Our qualified Yoga instructor, Paula combines her knowledge of Ashtanga and Traditional Hatha to produce a class perfectly suited to Diamond students. This class lasts for 1 hr and students are treated to relaxing & meditative music as the gym quietens down after Muay Thai training.

The atmosphere during fitness classes is always fun -as Jinks’ unique personality and individual music taste ensures that not only is there an emphasis on good technique and form but students have a smile on their faces. Jinks is also available for private PT lessons and is always at the gym to assist with any questions which are weight- training related. Paula has lived on Koh Phangan for several years and is a well known and sought after Yoga teacher. The classes are relaxed and focus strongly on alignment which can help with the prevention and treatment of injuries. Everybody is pushed at their own pace and Paula often adds an element of fun to the practice- including head stands and other interesting positions to the sessions.