Diamond Muay Thai

Our elite team of trainers includes Bangkok champions, regional Thai champions and trainers hand picked for their exceptional pad holding and teaching skills.

Diamond Muay Thai has first rate gym facilities and is a REAL Muay Thai camp offering both budget and deluxe accommodation options at the camp creating a great family atmosphere. We welcome international students of all levels to learn traditional Muay Thai from our dedicated trainers on the paradise island of Koh Phangan.

Since Diamond Muay Thai opened its doors in 2011, our Muay Thai camp has established itself as one of the leading Muay Thai boxing camps in South Thailand. Whether you are a beginner or a pro – our large team of trainers ensure that all students receive constant one-on-one Muay Thai instruction and advice. At Diamond you will never be lost in the crowd!


You don’t have to be a fighter to train with us. Students often choose to visit our Muay Thai camp for the health benefits associated with training such as losing weight and improving fitness or to experience another aspect of Thailand’s culture. We are an incredibly social camp where students from around the world are able to make life long bonds whilst learning Thailand’s beloved national sport.
The Diamond Muay Thai camp not only offers superior training but has a stunning location - we are away from any main roads, in a peaceful area surrounded by coconut trees and Koh Phangan’s incredible mountain scenery. Much of Koh Phangan is protected rainforest and the island is relatively unspoilt compared to others in Thailand. Diamond Muay Thai is situated a stones throw from the beautiful beaches of Nai Wok which is just outside Thong Sala- the main ferry port on Koh Phangan. Here we are within easy reach not only of the island’s turquoise waters, wildlife and outdoor adventure activities but also the great range of services, shops, restaurants and bars that Koh Phangan has to offer.
At Diamond Muay Thai we are committed to providing excellence in Muay Thai training. We always maintain a great trainer-to-student ratio and each student is pushed according to his/her own fitness levels. Beginners improve rapidly under the guidance of our committed team and our Muay Thai camp is often chosen by pro-fighters to polish their Muay Thai technique. Are you looking to fight? Our trainers excel in advanced training and pre-fight preparation. In the past few years notable visitors included the Peruvian Muay Thai Team (preparing for the World Muay Thai Championships in Langkawi), World Champion Shuki Rosenszweig and US pro fighter Sean ‘Muay Thai Guy’ Fagan and amongst others.

SPECIAL OFFER - Introduction to Muay Thai lesson only 300 Baht

Learn all the basics in a 2 hour group training session with our English speaking team